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Chef Pants

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Now that I've reached the executive level, i fine myself "not" cooking on the line as much, hardly ever now. most busy nights im expediting. i've always wore dickies pants but now find the fabric too thick. 


What kind of pants do the Chef's on this forum recommend? 



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I use to wear dickies during the winter months or days I knew I'd be in the walkin/freezer for hours, but when summer came around and I wanted a pant that had a good professional look but kept me cool I got these golf pants from target. They are a mesh type pant, but your line cooks won't be staring at your junk like most other chef mesh pants. Sometimes they have them on sale in the store, but I would look around other sites to find a similar pair. They are so cool you can feel the breeze from walking on your legs, and they have gone through a lot of service and held up well. I think this is what I have

post #3 of 7 has a lot of great options for pants, i normally buy from them. 

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Chefs "baggy" from chefworks.... thin, pretty cool in the heat, and pretty easy to clean when you do work the line.

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Where I live we typically wear the bottom half of nurses "scrubs", they are a very nice light material, and have cargo-type pockets with pen holders and stuff. Brandname MOBB they can usually be found for about 5 bucks apiece.
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Similar to SpoiledBroth, I wear Black EMT pants. The ones I have are from Dickies. cargo pockets, places for pocket knives/box cutter (for opening boxes) keep a small note pad to take notes etc.

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I've had and used the same several pairs of Chef Works pants for the past 6 years. Washing them once a week for 6 years, and they're still in perfect condition. These pants are amazing. I've bought other brands and had to throw them away after 2 years,

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