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I recently saw an article talking about the pinch grip position when holding a chefs knife here on chefs talk and I couldnt help but respond because as a professional chef of 30 years I have plenty of experience with this hold, As chefs we are taught to hold the knife in this position for better balance , control and leverage but by doing so we get a thing that is best kept secret in the culinary world and its called the knot or badge of honor, a heavy callus on your forfinger and hand. But what it really is is Painful, Over time it can be unbearable. My Partmer and Ed Hamlin and I of Chefs Innovations have solved this problem ! We created a product that is revolutionary in the culinary field and we couldnt be more proud of it,

Its called The Chefs Grip, What we did was make a medical grade silicone sleeve that fits over the top of the chefs knife spine and covers that blunt edge that digs into your hand then its secured with a 304 stainless steel clip that is powder coated . What you have then is a soft pad of silacone under your hand that wont injure your finger or fatige your hand .

We just debuted it at The Florida Restauraunt and Lodging show this past week and we took 1st runner up in a food show and we didnt enter food ! We got the blessing of Certified Master Chef Ferdinand Metz,  President of The Culinary Institute of America , He love the chefs grip and said it was a brilliand ! He was very kind , We had over 2300 chefs pass our booth and check it out . We sold quite a lot , It was awesome ! We spent two and a half years to perfect it and it was really great to see the chefs love it.

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