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Toast for the masses

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Toast a easy thing to prepare?


I am working with a client and they go thru 350 english muffins between 6-12 noon

They have the best toaster available Star DT-14 and Hatco TQ-1800 just not keeping up, running muffins thru 2-3 times to brown.


I know alot of it has to do with what you put in just out of refr. or 2 days old.


How does everyone else serve toast to the masses?

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Slow down your conveyor and they won't need to be rerun, can speed back up instantaneously for sliced bread. Gotta find that sweet spot for both settings so that you can go back and forth quickly
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Although the Hatco and Star units are the biggest and baddest when it comes to toasters, in this situation I think they are definitely the wrong units for the application. The Hatco unit in particular is an 1800 series, meaning it is able to pump out 1800 slices per hour. It is obviously overkill but it seems necessary just because the job still isn't getting done. Sounds like the product is as much to blame as the machine, unless there's a mechanical issue (which I doubt will affect both units at the same time), but instead of extra capacity, like the situation now, I think you should be going for more heat. Take a look at the star RCS2-600BN. It uses radiant burners which trap and distribute stronger heat than regular elements, will take up half the table space of your current units, and still is capable of 600 slices per hour.

Btw, I'm assuming that you already tried slowing down the conveyor on the current units ;-)
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Yes, I have gone as far as changing the sprocket out to a smaller tooth sprocket on my hatco unit with the help from my rep to slow down even more.

We have 18 locations (have tried ALL toasters ) and I am starting to think out of the box.  That is what brought me here.


Convection ovens?

Convayer Pizza oven?


I will look into the star rcs2 unit thanks

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I'm in need of replacing our toaster so I thought I'd bump this up. Any update to what specific models work for other relatively high users? We toast bagels, english muffins and of course, bread  and the occasional bun. Maybe 600 pieces in a 4 hour service so not crazy quantities. But the toaster is the bottleneck to our operation with the english needing 3 passes, some breads needing only one pass while some needing two. Don't have a huge budget. Would like to keep this under $1000 if possible. Any updated recs,  chefs?

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