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Miniature Moulten Lava Cakes

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I have an off prem event coming up that has a duo dessert on one plate with miniature moulten lava cakes and miniature chevre cheesecake domes on the menu. Clearly not my idea as this sounds like a logistical nightmare to me as to how to keep the cold dessert cold and the warm dessert warm at an off prem location with no kitchen space, but what's done is done. Its only for a hundred people. I don't have miniature muffin pans or ramekins for a hundred. I do have silicone molds however. I am thinking of baking, freezing, popping out, rewarming on sheet pans and holding in a hot box until service. Any ideas on how to plate this successfully so that i'm not serving cold or overbaked lava cakes? I'm assuming I'd have to plate one or the other just before serving.......correct?

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I would plate the cheesecakes and keep chilled, putting the lava cakes on just before service. A chilled plate won't affect the lava cakes as much as a warm plate would affect the cheesecakes.
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Great point. That's kind of the direction that I was leaning. Thanks!

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I have done something similar for over 800 with mini molten cakes.

The trick is to have them gooey inside and warm. We would freeze the silicone molds, thaw right before baking. Then blast chill out of the oven.

The best way to do this is to make miniature ganache balls (Soft to medium). Insert them into the raw batter. After baking they will firm up, but when reheated the cake is warm and the chocolate is melted.


Hope this makes sense.


Chef Carlton Brooks CCE, CEPC

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Yes! Thanks.
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