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Anyone here in Chicago?

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I just moved to the city a few days ago and was really hoping there might be some people here who have been around cooking in Chicago for a while.


I'm still getting settled but I've been eating at restaurants that I potentially might work at. It seems like a lot of people are hiring and I'm just trying to make sense of things, especially with winter coming - I don't know how that will effect business - and I don't know the people/companies/restaurants to avoid. I'm looking to stick around here for a few years at least and I'm really wanting to land in a good position where I can learn and grow (not be miserable and hop to another job in a year).


If anyone would be willing to talk shop, I would definitely appreciate it.



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Hey - I'm not in Chicago exactly, but Schaumburg, which I think is probably the biggest food area next to Chicago. 

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