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Dutch Oven Posole

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A fairly simple Dutch Oven meal for the campfire.  I use a 5 quart oven for this dish, and cook it suspended over coals.  I do a lot of camping, and almost always bring my cast iron and cook for the group.  I practice in my back yard, in a cooking area that I built to provide the same sort of cooking arrangements that I find when out in the woods.  Practice makes perfect.  :)




1 1/2 pounds Country Ribs, diced

Tablespoon Bacon drippings

One onion, diced

One bell pepper, diced

4 or more diced garlic cloves

One small can (or more) diced green chilies

Two or three dried Sweet Guajillo Chilies.  Diced, reconstituted in a cup of boiling water, run through the blender until puréed

Salt and black pepper to taste

Two 15 ounce cans Hominy

Tablespoon Chili Powder



One lime

One quart beef broth



Melt the bacon drippings, sauté the onion and bell pepper.  Add in the dice pork, and brown.  Season.

Add one cup broth, and cook until that reduces.  Squeeze in the juice from the lime.

Add in the hominy, and the rest of the broth.

Add in the Guajillo chilies and liquid from the blender

Check seasoning

Cover, and simmer for several hours.  The meat should be very tender.


Serve with chopped green onion, sour cream and tortillas

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Pozole is good stuff. Like you I load up my cast iron and haul it to the campground.

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