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Labor cost

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 I have owned my own quick casual 4000sf BBQ restaurant in CA for the past 10 yrs. The bar side has about 30 seats and is full service and the dine in side guests order at the counter and food is delivered to the tables by runners  We do about 3.5 million in the restaurant and 350-400k in off site catering, deliveries and delivery and set ups. About 95% of the menu is scratch made that requires a lot of labor & some of the side dishes include onion rings, ff, beans, potato salad, garlic mashed , etc. I am running about a 31-33% food cost which I think is very good considering most of my menu is protein. My over all labor cost of 33% for the year including my salary which accounts for 2.5% . My BOH labor including my kitchen manger is 13.4%. Payroll taxes are 3.4%, work comp 1%, GM 1.5%, FOH & Bartenders 10%, Catering 1.4%. With the recent minimum wage increase in CA my labor is higher than I would like it to be even with menu price increases. Do my percentages seem to be in line with other operators that may have a similar operation? Thanks for the input!

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Hard for me to compare directly, but we run around 12 boh w/o the chef but including me (sous) and are supposed to run 21 combined, but again without the chef or gm. So it looks like you run the same foh cost (10-11%) even though you are not full service.
We do around 3mil. Sorry I can't be more specific, only been here 3 months.
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Guess I should throw out that in Seattle, min. wage 9.32 and doomed to go up.
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