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Hello everyone, I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am a PC Tech at a Computer company who is a few credits shy of my Networking degree but I still want to follow my dream of being a chef and some day maybe have my own restaurant. That is a long ways down the road but its my goal. For now I have a great thing with computers but I'm training myself now at home before I can gain enough confidence to jump in there. I have some kitchen experience but basically just frying chicken and taking pre packaged meat and putting it into a steamer/convection oven as well as using the rotisserie. 


I hope to learn a lot from here and look forward to sharing knowledge... but lets be honest though, right now thats a one way street :)

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Welcome to the group!


It is always good to have dreams and ambitions----study business management as a hobby---


Top quality food will bring the guest through the doors--and good management will keep the doors open--Mike---

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