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I have a job interview tomorrow with well known casino known for its food I just graduated culinary school in March had one job since then and was told I move to slow I applied for line cook 1 I was told I'm being bumped up to line cook 2 I really want this job what should I do
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I don't understand. What's your question exactly?
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What's the difference between a line cook1 and a line cook 2 the last place I worked we did everything especially if we were swamped no one had a designated station
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It depends on where you go. Some places do one (lowest) to three (highest) but others do the other way around. It's just a way of organizing tasks to handle volume better. Your main strength here will be whatever you did at your last job. Don't expect to do the same tasks, do expects to use the same skills... and plan on building on them.
Ask questions about the specific duties of the job your applying for in the interview. Typically, I try to ask about hours, responsibilities, structure of the kitchen, and salary of course.
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