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Massive salty crumpets and ideas.

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So about a week ago I tried my hand at making crumpets. I never thought it was going to be so demanding and take so long. I thought it was going to be akin to making pancakes.


So I followed this recipe:


and it turned out quite salty. but I think I used too much salt as the recipe calls for coarse salt and I used table style iodized salt.



I also did not have a crumpet ring or even a suitable egg ring so I used my smallest cast iron pan and they came out pretty large.


I ended up freezing some immediately for later use, and when I thawed them, I added butter and some ranch popcorn seasoning powder.


The texture and flavor with the butter and ranch gave me an idea. Make even bigger crumpets in my "next-size-up pan" and use it as pizza base!


anyone else got ideas on uses for large salty-ish crumpets.

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Good for you for making crumpets.  One of my favorite bread-like oods.


How did you measure - with a tablespoon or with a scale?  If yo used a scale it should have worked out OK.  If you used a measuring spoon the amount of table salt should have been closer to 1 or 1-1/2 tsp.


I'd throw them out and try again.  But if you insist on eating, hide the saltiness by smothering them with sloppy joe or BBQ shredded pork.  :)

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what I did, was embrace the salt, and I honestly have plans to make them again and turn them into mini pizza bases. I think it would be reminiscent of a deep dish without the doughy texture.


and I didn't use a scale... which explains the saltiness.

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Coarse salt has less weight per volume than table salt. try cutting the measured amount of salt in half.
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Fluctuat nec mergitur
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