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Need some advice guys with my new job.

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So I signed on to be a lead cook/ sous chef at this new pan asian place (my specialty). Small kitchen, barely any room to prep, small crew (3 man crew including the chef). So I was supposed to lead brunch service and work few nights cooking alongside the chef. I was excited to take on this job because they have a great following and they just opened, felt great vibe so I went forward. 


2 weeks in, I am starting to drift feelings. The brunch service is a mess, I work with one other cook (whose dish washer turned cook) He pretty much cant cook for sh*t, I pretty much do all the cooking and have to hold his hands along the way. Thank god its not busy for brunch yet (about 15-40 covers ). The chef pretty much doesn;t know much either, He ask me for everything (I have more experience and range but he is part owner so instant chef it is) Then you have the sous chef whose a mexican guy who doesn't have any asian cusine knowledge, claims to have 10 years experience but  he doesn't even know how to organize the walk in properly, also all his specials aren't asian theme , for a "PAN ASIAN " place. 


I am kinda lost now. What should I do? do I ask for more money and pretty much give them ultimatum? Money isn't everything to me because I have the drive and passion for cooking. I don't mind getting low pay if its under a great chef with good knowledge that I can benefit, learning from or a place where I can learn new things. This place however, the cusine is pretty casual , I came from a few great chef with fresh farm to table style and this place seems below my level. So I don't know if its worth it anymore. What would you do?

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If you are having trouble doing less than 45 covers than you need someone different on the line with you, period. Unless you think you can teach them. 45 or less should be a walk in the park for any service. 

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If I may add......


When going to interview for a job, try to do some homework about the place.

Formulate some questions of your own to ask.

This way you'll be better prepared to understand the place you are trying to work at BEFORE you get there.

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If the place is new, why not try and make some changes? As "lead" you have some evvel of responsibility, so you have some opportunity to improve things. You can train your brunch cook, or bring a friend in instead. If you have time, straighten out the walk in yourself and try to organize it the same way every time. Write up specials and menu items. It all depends if you think it will pay off in a few months or a year.
About the money; I say, never take less than what you should be making. If you didn't get enough money going in, tell them you didn't initially understand what the job entailed and need more.

I say this because it's a new place, it means of course it's a mess, but you might have a chance to make a difference.
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Thank you guys for your input. 


So today I had a sit down with the chef and owner. I gave them the list of problems and said I need this much for me to stay on and they agreed. Now I am in charge of brunch, I get to hire new cooks and incharge of inventory. I feel relieved that now I can rearrange and organized the place. thanks 

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