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Hello everyone!


I am a chef that was born abroad and have several backgrounds.  I am from a smaller city in the Midwest, nice and somewhat affluent.  However, I felt I wasn't really getting the mentoring I wanted and I have so much passion for food.  I decided to leave town and come to NYC.  I am currently working at a 1 star Michelin after only a few weeks.  I am proud but I want to be better and get the most out of my time here since eventually I will be going back to my city. 


I want to come back with a lot of knowledge and respect that i wasn't getting before.  I would really like some advice on how to eventually move into a 2/3 star Michelin restaurant here... any recommendations?


I also am unsure how to "toot my own horn" per se when I get back.  I would really like to create some buzz for myself when i get back I am in a prime position to take a prime job and hopefully save for a kitchen to call my own one day.


I really appreciate any advice on restaurants to apply to in NY and how to create buzz for myself when I do finally make my way back to the midwest.


Thanks everyone!