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cake mix

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hello all, i want to make cake mix, brownie mix, pancake mix, waffle mix and cookie mix. i am just struggling a little with the proportion of all of it please help me out, also what temperature it should be kept in and for how long it will last

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I think first you should decide how long you want it to last (use your pastry sold history to figure this out) and go from there.

Then go searching (internet, library cookbook section) for formulas and choose one that will meet your needs.

I have an old Betty Crocker cookbook in storage that has a chart giving measures/ratios for bulk mixes so maybe start there.


Have never done it but would imagine if you choose carefully the waffles and pancakes can be made from the cake mix... just plan on using different add ins.


How to store would be based on the shelf life of the ingredients in the base mix.

If your walk in stays cool and dry I would imagine that location would be ideal (use good sturdy airtight containers) for about 3 months.

Just keep in mind the faster you turn it the fresher it will taste.



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Thank u so much will look into some books
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