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Hi, i m from uruguay in south america. This is my first post, and its about smokers.

Im about to build a smoker at home. Im not sure how to do it, saw some pictures in google, have some ideas but not sure if it will work! Has anybody built one? Im planning to do cold smoking. So i thought to use two iron boxes conected with a wide pipe, make fire or smoke in one and in the other locate the product to be smoked...

I hear all kind of ideas!


Alvaro Martinez from Uruguay
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Alvaro Hello how are you ?
If this is your first time building a case for smoking meat cold tene very carefully, it is quite dangerous . By doing all the procceso in " cold " is very easy that the meat is smoked and being poor is hard to notice. You have something against smoking hot ?
Because if you do not mind is an easy and safe way to get started to smoke things and gain experience to get started to do it and then cold . And the truth is that having a box to make it hot is very easy to adapt to what you can do too cold , and so to have both options. Until you can do both at the same time.




Costa Rica

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Thanks for responding manuel ! Tell me a little more , since you did any ? In the restaurant I work we have a metal box with steel grills , we kippers and we are putting down embers ... In my view that method reaches a temperature of risk to the reproduction of bacteria inside the box ... so I want to build for the personal use is cold ... Explicame a little more than capable I am wrong ( in my country I do not get any book about smoked meats and roasted !!!! only grill that is so typical of but here is something else )

Greetings and thanks !

Alvaro Martinez from Uruguay
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Thanks for your answer! Tell me mote about that, did you build one yet? Im the rrtaurant i work we use am iron box and put salmon filets inside with the wood charcoal.i find it bromatologically risky but its the owners choise. Thats why i am building a cold one at home for personal usage. Teach me more, i may be wrong with my ideas. In my country we only have books about parrilladas thats the tipical method.

Alvaro Martinez from Uruguay
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It is more than a hobby but all this time I have no cash , in the previous work is work hard .

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Que es lo que quieres hacer para empesar, ahumar ligeramente algun tipo de carne y bastante perecedera o quieres hacer una carne que se mantenga por mucho tiempo y con un sabor muy fuerte. O por otro lado talves lo que estes pensando es cocinar algo al metodo de barbacoa americana?

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Nono not the American barbecue method . I plan to start making cured and smoked salmon, cut algum capable pork tenderloin smoked or cooked smoked ham ... Then things like vacuum packed and able to market them. We are off season in my city and seeking some extra besides the restaurant where I work

Alvaro Martinez from Uruguay
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En cuanto a la temperatura tenes toda la razon tanto en el ahumado caliente(45-60) como en el frio(12- 25) siempre se esta en la sona de peligro(10-60). Por eso siempre debes de usar nitrato de sodio porque eso es lo que impide que crescan bacterias en la carne. En estos momentos hay un desorden porque supuestamente el nitrato de sodio da cancer y bla bla bla bla. Si te molesta,podes usar nitratos de potasio que hacen lo mismo pero sin la contoversia. te doy los porcentajes de la mescla luego si te interesa.

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I never did with mingun nitrate. It is mixed with salt to cure the piece? Tell me a little bit as the subject, and as acts ( pass me some link to some web easier and read it there, so you do not waste time ) . Thank you !

Alvaro Martinez from Uruguay
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Alvaro Martinez from Uruguay
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We did something similar with an old refrigerator and a home built fire box, connected with old dryer hose.  We didn't use any air pump though and didn't need it.  A low vent in the fire box for adjusting the heat of the fire and a high vent in the fridge created enough air flow to pull the air through.  If you are cold smoking I would also probably add some kind of shelf that can hold ice that the smoke would filter through, cooling the smoke down.

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Thats good to know. But what if i build a box, use those "maze shaped smoking" ( im building one jeje) that shelf with ice would also work, isnt it? May be a small window for air intake in the bottom of the box

Alvaro Martinez from Uruguay
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Well you mix the nitrate with salt and then dissolve this in the wet cure. If you wanna do any kind of cold smoking it is really a must.


read it up


Sorry for the late response, been crazy busy lately in my joint.

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