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Does anyone know how to get the skin of a hotdog to 'snap'? When preparing hotdogs the skin remains soft- any ideas as to how to get the initial 'crunch' when you first bite into a hotdog?


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The snap you are speaking of comes from natural casing hotdogs. Most hotdog companies here in the states no longer use them. It's given way to a synthetic casing and it's removed before packaging because it's inedible. 


You didn't mention if you were making them or they were store bought. If you are making them, you can visit The Sausage Maker Inc and they have a full selection of natural (and synthetic) casings. I don't know what products are available in Greece but any natural casing hotdog would provide the "snap" you're looking for. A decent brand here in the states at Grocery stores is Boars Head but my favorite commercial brand is Vienna Beef. There are only certain areas of the US that have those available in the grocery store and unfortunately.........we're not in one of them.


Good luck

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Hi Oldschool1982!

Thank you very much for the information. I am asking about the hotdogs for a greek sausage and hotdog producer who has a problem with soggy or rather not crisp hotdog skins. I will contact the company you mentioned above to ask for more details. It was very kind of you to help me. 

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High dry heat should do it. (grill on high)

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I always use Klements brand hot dog out of Milwaukee.  It's the proprietary dog of their stadium.  Vienna works well also.  Both have natural casing and great flavor. Hope this helps.

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OP is in Greece.

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Yeah I saw that after the post.  Still useful information if he wants it. Not necessarily helpful unfortunately .

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