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Apple Canning Day

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Picked up a peck of apples from the orchard 5 miles away, ended with 17 pints of apples caned in a medium syrup. Drained they can be used in pies but I sometimes just dump them i a bowl and eat! Pics after last 8 jars come out of the canner. Would have been 18 quarts but I think I ate 2 apples as I ran them thru the peeler/slicer. Canned a jar of syrup, why waste it when I can use it for the next batch!


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Apples are abundant here right now, last week I made about a dozen pints of apple butter and a dozen half pints of jelly with Gala apples.

This week we have Cameo's available, crisp, sweet & juicy. Don't know if I'm up to canning all day again.

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My mom has fruit trees. I canned the pears that have ripened so far. I think I can pick some more this weekend. Maybe they will be ripe by next week. Did you know they don't really ripen before picked? That is convenient.


I have already made apple butter and gave it away. My immediate family doesn't eat it, but it's so easy to make. I still have a lot of apples. I want to can prepared pie filling. I haven't done it before. 

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I ate a lot of apple butter as a child but now I don't eat a lot of bread so I don't make it. If I do have bread it is likely as garlic bread, or a dinner roll or a bun to hold something. I grind my own flour, prep a batch of dough and then preform it into what I like then freeze it on a sheet pan on top of parchment paper. Make sure everything is well oiled before freezing. Then the night before I thaw in the fridge and that morning I take it out to rise. Fresh baked as I need it and much better than store bought bread dough!

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I am just about to start our apple processing here. We had a frost already to set the sugar in the grapes in the vineyard, so those will be ready this next week as well.


I make apple pie filling and can them in quarts.

It takes two quarts for each pie.

It already has the spices, sugar, and butter in it.

Just pour and bake.

I also make apple cider.

I did a pictorial on it over the years and have posted it here on ChefTalk.

This year, we are getting a 300 rpm motor for the cider press. 

It takes the charm out of the equation, but saves everybody's a good work out.

Grown up apple sauce and apple butter completes the picture.

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Always wanted to build a small cider press, make maybe 20 gallons a year. Use half that to ferment into hard cider, other half for drinking unfiltered and unpasteurized so the flavors are intact. Kept frozen it is not  a health issue with possible germs.

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