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Choosing a 6000grit Stone for R2, please help....

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I had bought a Takamura R2 Pro, and at the moment Im trying to choose a 6k Stone, Im very inclined to buy a Arashiyama, but i dont know if it will get the results Im hoping to get, I know its a great stone and I heard positive reviews on carbon steel, here and in another forums around the web. But nothing on stainless.


Lot of members in this forum have tons of experience in sharpening, can you please share the knowledge.


thank you

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What are the lower grit stones you're using leading up to it?  By the time I leave my 1k and 2k stones, my knives are already sharp and usable.  I just use the higher grit to refine the edge, remove scratches from lower grit stones, and leave a shiny polish.   I think any of the popular ones out there should handle R2 steel. 


Are you replacing any current 6k stone? What are your personal preferences on stones? Harder? Softer and muddy? Splash and go? Soak?


I don't have one, but I'm reading that Arashiyama is a harder stone than say suehiro rika 5k.  Also it's a splash and go, you can soak it a little bit, but if you leave it soaking it will crack.  In general, stones at this grit don't need much soaking.  Coarse stones need more soaking time.


I use a gesshin 5k splash and go as my finishing stone for double bevel knives.  It's big, wide, soft and muddy for a synthetic.  I soak for less than 2 minutes.  So far I've used it on white #2, blue #2, vg10, 19c27, and aus8.  Cuts fast and leaves a shiny finish.

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Thanks for your insights MillionsKnives


I have a 1k minosharp and a double 3k/5k wmf, that had been enough for a couple of globals that I have had for a couple of years now, I wanted to replace them with a proper knife, so I decided on the Takamura and to ditch the wmf for obvious reasons.


Now to be honest, im not a great sharpener and dont have too much money this days to spend on a whole set of stones, ( plus I dont want to tinker with 3 or 4 different stones and end up F ing up the Takamura) Ive red the reviews on the Gesshin 6k, they are great and yes it was my first choice, but later on, I discover that in Europe (I live in Germany) no one is importing them, meaning  I dont find a direct distributor, therefore the stones turn too expensive to bring, due to German taxation.


I red about the Arashiyama and it had great reviews as well (on Carbon Steel) and I've manage to find it in a couple of european sites that has it for more $$$ than in the US, but still will do.


As I've said before I'm not an experienced sharpener, so setting for the 1k/6k set up combination at the moment, as for preference,  the Idea of "splash and go" seems appealing to me. My goal at this point is to get the best edge My wallet can allow. and In my work a good edge is always well regarded.



Thanks again for the info and hope you can share the knowledge

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Arashiyama is a good choice then. Metalmaster has it too, shipping from japan.  I don't know if it would come out cheaper with shipping or not, but I think the tax is included in that price.  Take the more expensive shipping option $4 or so more, or it can take a long time.  They have other stones you might be interested in too.

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Wow, that's an excellent price, will try to send it over 'cause  I think is less than the European sites I've bound so far.


Thank you very much for the Info, much apprish

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Consider the Naniwa Snow-white 8k with
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Thank you Benuser, but I think I'll stick with the Arashiyama that Millions Knives suggested in Metalmaster.

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If it is sent from Japan expect import tax (our local VAT) and handling costs.
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