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Returning to reality...

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Just had a month off to go traveling, I'm in the last few days of the vacation and I'm stressed about returning to work.

See, the thing is, I love the food where I work (when its properly executed, but don't get me started). We are the only restaurant in the city doing this kind of cuisine, and its what I'm really interested in. The issue is that my pay is terrible (for the industry), my boss is basically absent, and I can't stand any of my (boh) coworkers. I've been trying to improve the situation for months with essentially 0 progress. Not sure what to do...

Leaving the city isn't an option due to s/o, living situation, etc.
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Can't be the only restaurant in the city... must be an awfully small city! How involved are you in the food scene... my eyes were closed to alot of great hidden gems in my city before I started getting "involved"
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You're right, I probably just overlooked all the really great restaurants in my city doing the same thing as us....

I guess I probably should have checked before going on the internet to ask for advice. What was I thinking?

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Is that sarcasm?
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Well, there's no call to be rude. Quit your job if you don't like it. The pay in this business never justifies working somewhere where you aren't happy. It sounds like there's nothing good about it but the food.
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