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Job Advice would be nice

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Hi, I am looking for a little advice from any New York Chefs out there.  Myself and my fiance are looking to relocate to New York (where she is from) and I need to know what a good average pay rate is for a chef operating there.  I am not going there with any illusions or anything like that.  Just want to be able to work and take care of my family.  I have a decent resume and skill set. Any advice would  be appreciated.

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Do you mean New York City or the somewhere else in New York State? Pay will differ depending on area. 

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Well my fiancee is looking to move to Brooklyn or Queens. Anything in the city is viable I guess. Thanks.
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A couple of things. First,  a quick perusal of the internet informs me that the average line cook pay is around $30,000 a year. A few thousand lower or higher here or there. Of course, that is yearly salary, not hourly. So let's say somewhere around 12-15 an hour depending on your experience, what the individual restaurant offers, etc. The hours will most likely be long which will tend to boost the yearly income. 

     Second, cost of living in NYC is quite high and getting worse. NYC includes the five boroughs-Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Many cooks live in one of the outer boroughs to work in Manhattan. New Jersey is also just across the river and certain areas have affordable housing although neighborhood conditions may vary. So restaurant workers who wish to work in Manhattan commute from elsewhere. 

Then many great restaurants are opening or relocating outside of Manhattan, mostly because they have also been negatively impacted by the increasing rent for commercial space. If someone tells you of a great restaurant that is not located right in Manhattan, do not dismiss it outright. 

      Before you move, study the map and familiarize yourself as intimately as you can with how NYC and the outlying areas are arranged and named  so when someone mentions a particular area, you are not inclined to dismiss it. The NYC subway system is quite extensive and can include seemingly far flung destinations. So your choice of residence could be quite far from where you end up working. 

     Rent is typically the biggest expense for cost of living in NYC. Most everything else  like groceries, clothing and the like can be had at reasonable prices. 

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Thanks for the info. I'm hoping that her knowledge having grown up in New York will be helpful also. I have found similar info as far as incomes but was looking for feedback. Thanks again!
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Many places in NYC told me that the only experience they considered was NYC experience. Count on taking a significant demotion, pay cut and a near soul crushing cost of living.
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