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quatre quarts

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hello, i needed to ask two questions regarding quatre quarts

1) if i add cornflour in my cake too, what difference does it make like if recipe calls for 150 grams flour i put 120 grams flour, and 30 grams cornflour?

2) also if i add 120 grams butter and 30 grams sour cream is that okay? will my cake be fine?

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You should try posting the original recipe followed by your proposed modifications
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The two modifications that you are doing to your quatre quarts will not make that much of a difference to your cake.


The cornflour you are adding is one way of taking regular all-purpose flour to cake flour. Cornflour is nearly all starch. By adding cornflour to "regular" flour you are introducing the extra smaller starches that help to increase maximum hydration and encourage a more cake-like than bread-like structure. More cake, less crumbly.


With the addition of sour cream you are adding more moisture so the combination of adding a small amount of cornflour which absorbs and expands with moisture from the sour cream = a nice moist cake.


Although I am on board with Grande by asking for the original recipe to confirm what you are doing.......Quatre quarts are a nice cake to experiment with as they are very forgiving so have fun with it!

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If my memory serves me right, a quatre quarts cake is French for a Pound Cake (which is 4 ingredients of 1/4lb (quart de livre) each: egg, flour sugar and butter). (1/4lb = 150g approx)


You are using the metric system. This question is relevant then: cornstarch is sometimes called corn flour outside of North America.  Is your corn flour a white or yellow powder?

if white (cornstarch), your cake crumb will be more moist with the added sourcream.  It will not be that much different. If yellow (corn flour), your cake will have a coarser crumb, still moister and will have a deeper yellow colour than the original recipe.


If you posted your recipe, it would help us to give you a better answer.


Luc H.

I eat science everyday, do you?
I eat science everyday, do you?
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thankyou for the reply,
my recipe is as follows
Butter 120 g
sourcream 30 grams
Sugar 150 g
Egg 150 g

Flour 120 g

Cornstarch 30 g

Baking powder 3 g

Vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon

Lemon zest 1 teaspoon
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as I suspected, this is a classic quatre quarts or pound cake.

I will stick to my comments: moister than the original.  I don't anticipate any big change from the original recipe maybe a little extra tang from the sour cream.


by the way, adding cornstarch to all purpose is a substitute from cake flour so in essence your recipe is like using cake flour instead of all purpose flour.


Luc H.

I eat science everyday, do you?
I eat science everyday, do you?
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