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Mauviel Pans

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Have two questions regarding Mauviel Pans. The first one, and I have googled it and come up dry, is there a way to tell the difference between tin and stainless steel lined pans? Second, which I also tried to check through google images, did Mauviel ever make a 28cm(11") sauté pan with a helper handle on the front? Hopefully someone out there with a sauté pan can answer that question for me.

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1.If you have one of each pan in front of you, the difference should be obvious. SS is much shinier. 

2. As for the pan, do you have one or want one? Mauviel stamps their name on all the pans they make so if you have one, that should make it obvious. If you want one, I would contact Mauviel directly. 

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