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Fridge stable woes...

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Hello all..

I have developed a cake which has been sold to stores and I am getting complaints that the caramel mousse is cracking after sitting in the fridges at the retail location. I tried to make the mousse as stable as possible as the clients require it being "clean label". If anyone has ANY ideas.. I would appreciate the help. Thanks!

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First congrats on the sale!

My first action (before trying to tweak your formula) would be to check the store's holding case for humidity.

Lack of or low ambient  moisture within a sealed vessel can suck the products within bone dry (causing cracking).

If that is not the case then we would need to see your recipe in order to help you find a solution.


OBTW... welcome to Chef Talk!



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Thanks for the help and the welcome!


You are so very right. They definitely treat the cakes like crap at store level. The conditions are not favorable at all and on top of that they keep the cakes in the showcase for 5 days in spite of the 3 day shelf life we gave them. Still... apparently... it is up to me to fix this cake and build it everything proof.

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You are welcome :)

I presume the store is buying your product because it had a quality they liked and wanted to represent, right?

You have explained how to hold the cake and they have seen the consequences of mishandling.

Are they aware any "tweaking" will most likely change the end product?

Lucky no one has fallen ill .

IMO if the customer cannot or will not follow the basic food handler rules I would pull the product.

You have a rep to protect, right?



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