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molten lava cake

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Hi I I made lava cake with the following recipe and exactly followed all the steps. But my chocolate didn’t ooze out what could possibly be wrong in this

Ganache center
100 g chocolate
100 gram cream 

bring the cream to boil and pour on chocolate  and mix pipe out rounds in a tray let it freeze

chocolate cake:
dark chocolate
butter 25 g
sugar 38 grams
egg yolks 30 grams
egg whites 135 grams
flour 30 grams

in a bowl melt chocolate and butter on double boiler meanwhile beat egg whites till stiff peaks form gradually adding sugar, in chocolate mixture add egg yolks and mix. Then add flour in it and in the end fold egg white gently and to assemble pour chocolate cake batter then put one round of ganache then cover with batter again and bake at 180 C for 15 mins

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Timing is key.

A few too many minutes in the oven and it overcooks and does not ooze.

Try it again but bake it less time.

Your home oven vs. the recipe temps.

Very common

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