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Has anyone gone to Chef Academy of London?

Poll Results: Which college to choose?

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    Chef Academy of London, London
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    French Pastry School, Chicago
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    Algonquin College, Ottawa
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Hi everyone

I'm struggling to find a culinary school/community college to study baking and pastry arts and really just want to start with it ASAP. I'm in that part where there are no culinary schools, hence I definitely WILL need to move. I cannot figure out where just yet.

I was considering going to Ferrandi French School of Culinary Arts, Paris but they are full for the February 2015 intake and the next available intake is September 2015 which is way too far.

After thorough research I found another culinary school/institute in London, England- Chef Academy of London. They seem to be having a great certificate course with 1060 hours, far more than any college I have come across for a certificate. It costs £15,000 which is okayish. I would love to go here but there aren't reviews anywhere about this institute or for any of the courses that it provides, hence apprehensive about going for it. The website says that it's for three months but I'm sure that's a mistake. The link is-

French Pastry School in Chicago, USA seems good too, for some reason not too sure about it as it costs same almost same as Chef Academy of London, around $23,000.

I'd love to go to international culinary centre in New York but its ridiculously expensive, at $47,750 just for the tuition fees.

My priority would be going to anywhere in Europe and preferably London as I have lived in London for three years and I love the city 😍. However as a back up, I have applied for baking and party arts certificate at Algonquin college in Ottawa, Canada, if all else fails. Also wouldn't mind exploring professional baking and pastry on the eastern side of the world that provide quality hands on education.

I would really appreciate the input by Cheftalk community members.

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If you can afford £15000 to go on a course why not offer your services free to a bakers near you and learn at the coalface rather than in the rareified atmosphere of a classromm. i remember we had a useless guy who went out to hospital catering in the summer break and said he learnt twice as much as in the college we were at

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It sounds to me like you have no experience in a bakery? If not then I would say that Algonquin College is the perfect choice. The fees are low, the skill and technique taught is as good as anywhere and it is a tech school so if you are Canadian and decide to follow to get your journeyman status in baking the government gives you back some money for completing your Red Seal.


I would go this course above to get you foot in the door and when you have been working the industry for a few more years then consider spending money on extra courses in cool places. 


I took my baking certification at my local polytechnic college and when I wanted to learn more about specific technique after working 6 years as a baker, I went to ENSP in France.


In the food industry it does not matter what school you go to but the work experience you have. You can go to the most prestigious schools out there but you would still start at rock bottom in the kitchen just like anyone walking in off the street. Please remember that when looking at spending extortionate amounts of money only to put yourself in major debt and with no advancement based on the schooling you took.


Wish you all the best :)

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