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Grocery store discounts

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I was wondering whether any caterers in New York City (or another major city) could help me out. I am a culinary student, and along with another student am thinking of starting a small catering company. Do you know of any suppliers or grocery stores that offer a discount program to caterers or other food professionals?

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Many of the major food service suppliers (i.e, Sysco, US Foods(though they are now one company), but you get my drift have an outlet stores around their distribution hubs, also Costco, Sam's Club(discount club) are also good to look at. Even if the food service suppliers do not have a store, you might be able to setup a cash account with them, and pickup your orders at the hub(this is if you do not have a central location), but they can deliver too. Granted you won't get a huge discount as if you were with a major company, but due to the fact that they buy in such bulk, you might still get a better price than if you bought at a grocery store or a discount club store.


The best advice is to take your time, look around, and price things out.

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