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apprenticeship or associates

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So Ihave three years cooking experience but i have run into a rut after a year of culinary school. I feel as though the course is laking the culinary knoledge i seek and more focused on managment i learn little to nothing on ingridents we use. I want to woth draw and enroll into a ACF certified apprentice program but i am unsure on what is a better option for my love in this bussiness to grow so i may be a chef. I just want to know proffesionals opinions. Whats better an apprentice program or a culinary degree? Either way i am not going back but i am open to other schools.
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Culinary school is meant to be the foundation of a lifetime of culinary studies. But, at the same time, it should also be pushing you to be a better student and eventual manager. In your post your spelling was rough, your grammar was incorrect, and it was all just a little messy.


The great part about culinary school is that you get to fine tune those "book-learning" skills so that when you become a great chef you have the education to back up your talent. 


An apprenticeship is an amazing was to learn a tremendous amount of culinary information at once. So if you are only interested in culinary technique, go for an apprenticeship.


Good luck!

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My grammar in my post was largely due to me using my phone to type. But i assure you typically i have good grammar. I understand what your saying though. Since the program i am interested in is 16 credits shy of a associates i do plan to take some gen ed courses as well as managment so i may have two certifications.
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