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professional pastry chefs , i really need your help !

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hello , 


my name is osama sulaiman i am a dentist , i live in Kuwait ( freshly graduated ) 


i have this passion for pastry since i was a kid and i really don't remember when was the first time i made pastry , so i guess since i was a child ( i am 25 now ) :) 


now what brought me here is that i was looking for some experts pastry chefs ( and i am pretty sure i will find here ) 


see , i have made the cronuts ( official recipe by chef Ansel ) 5 times now !! 


i find mine with No pretty layers , Greasy some how !! and i think i know why !



first , i think the layers due to the lack of butter in the official recipe because when you roll your dough two times !! for a 50 cm square the butter will just become so thin that will tear !! or maybe i just should not roll it that much !!


now i find rolling it just two times as the recipe says is not enough some how ? i know we fold it two times horizontally and vertically but it seems not much !! so the end result dough will have butter drops and not even layer . so what is your opinion guys ?


second, it is greasy some how because it always sink a little bit for few seconds then comes to the surface when frying ( 350 degrees f)! i think that because there is no enough air within the dough !! the recipe calls for a gold label saf-instant so i am waiting it (ordered)  cuz we don't have it in kuwait , we have only the red label one !! what do you think about this too?


now i should say that i tried every recipe that i saw on net before the official one , but the official is very good cuz it gives you a moist dough inside ( not chewy ) because of it's special laminating process ( little gluten development ) 


still i didn't get the pretty layers and less greasiness !!


please share guys what do you know about it , and i would be grateful if any one shared his professional cronut  recipe !!


thanks in advance , and waiting to hear from you pastry chefs as soon as possible !



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Osama- I wish I could help, but when we tried this out at our shop (not using the official recipe, mind you) it was good, but also had issues with greasiness. I haven't seen the official recipe, but I have know a chef or two that intentionally left out a detail on a recipe so that no one else could make their specialty quite as well as they could.
That may not be the case here, but I have heard that his method is very specific. Sometimes even the slightest change (like a different type of oil) can make a big difference.
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Thanks alot jellly smile.gif

I apreciate your help , and yes i guess the least change would make a difference rolleyes.gif

I guess i am going to try it for the sixth time now , changing something and i will share the outcome for sure smile.gif

The most annoying thing about it is the ( three days for making it due to the official recipe )
And i just can't take it out of my mind frown.gif

Thanks again
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You first need to learn croissants.  Have you ever made croissants?

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Yes kuan , i did so many times and i like my croissants smile.gif

I am working on cronuts , and i am sure i will do it right one day !

Thanks alot wink.gif
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@osama suliman,

Hi Osama! Welcome.

I find your post interesting. Just a few points. I think it's important to have your cronuts fully proofed. I would also proof them on a rack you can dip into the fat. I think Canola would be the best because of the burn point. If you lower them softly into the fat they should float, not sink. I would not hesitate to have your oil at 375 min.. It will drop as you dip the cronuts. Also, if you are using Saf yeast, you must work pretty fast as the yeast fails quite quickly then others. HTHs

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 @panini thanks alot panini , yes i also noticed that saf yeast fails fast !! :( 


i guess i am reaching my goal slowly , but i will get there , and i will share it at once :) 


your ideas really helped so thanks alot dear :) 

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. Well this is try no.6 and i am really pleased with the result , it was amazing . Actually I increased the butter from the original recipe so I used 350 garms of butter , decreased the yeast and sugar and it was perfect , just a little thing I didn't get the layers so nice inside and I think logically it is because when I roll the dough with butter inside ,no matter if it's soft or cold it will tear apart eventually , and I want it to be complete layers of dough and butter one by one just like napolitan , how do you think I can manage that ? @panini @Jellly
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