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Menu mistakes!

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Hi Folks,

Has anyone ever complained to you about chicken wings? I had one the other day; the menus said 10 chicken wings for $7.99, well shit hit the fan. The customer told the waitress that when she delivered them, he said that he ordered 10 wings, not half wings. He made sense, wings have two or three parts, sometimes the tips are there. I had to give him 10 more halves. Watch out, you must say 10 drumettes or 10 wingettes. Just thought I would mention that. Good Luck everyone!

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Next time you change the menu instead of the number you might want to put the weight instead....i.e. one pound of wings.This way if you get some smaller or larger wings in you don't need to adjust numbers.
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Thats rediculous. Were they drunk? Cut them off, of wings too haha.

The customer is not always right.

Google "pub menu" and read the same menu 1000 times.

In law it is refered to as invitation to treat. Although I dont think in this example you would need to defend your wording that far.

People are greedy.

The classic example of an invitation to treat is when a shop owner puts a very low price on a product in the shop window. If you take the item to the counter the shopkeeper does not have to sell it to you. In strict legal terms it is you that makes the offer by offering to buy the product with your money. A shopkeeper who has mistakenly priced a product too cheaply is therefore not obliged to sell at that price.

Wiki- An invitation to treat is a tool to get negotiations going and show the terms which one party may be willing to accept, as opposed to an offer in which one party is prepared to be legally bound by upon acceptance.
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