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My name is MariaAngelica but I often go by my nickname Mery.  I'm a home cook.  I've never gone to culinary school.  I've never owned a food business. Recently, though, I kept entertaining the thought to start an enterprise rooted in my native Chile's traditional cuisine


For many years, my family and friends have always enjoyed the Chilean food that I cook, always encouraging me to create a business that could highlight my culinary skills, and for others to enjoy.  But I always thought it was too big of a task.  An unreachable one.  Until I realized that this could be a means to an end to help with issues that are dear to my heart in philanthropy and advocacy.


This "aha" moment motivated me to take a leap of faith and to GO FOR IT!!!  And Mery's Chilean Nook was born.


I already took my first big step by starting to create a client base through my circle of family and friends, and also through Facebook.  Social media is such an awesome tool, which has made such an amazing difference in only three weeks since I started on this journey.   And when I came across ChefTalk while looking for commercial kitchen information earlier today, I was ecstatic with this fantastic platform.  And here I am.  Creating my first post!


The next step in this long line of to do's is to create a business and a financial plan, look for a commercial kitchen to suit my large-scale cooking needs in the near-future, and to find food venues to market my products.  


It's an exciting time for me and I would be very appreciative for any advise you may be able to provide as I go through the process of creating my business.


Wishing you happy cooking,



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