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Salad mix/Spring mix

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I would like to try the "Spring mix" instead of traditional Iceberg/Romaine/Greenleaf/carrorts/redcabbage . I bought a 3 lb bag to see how long it stays fresh . My place is a breakfast place with a light lunch sales and not selling that many salads.Any idea to keep the mix longer. I tested the bag unopened but red leaves go bad very quickly. 

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Water is the enemy.

If you only use a small amount and the bag is open for days, try laying the contents of the bag unto paper toweling,

Roll the towel jelly roll style.

Store this roll in a plastic bag with holes in it on the fridge shelf.


This will keep the leaves dryer and longer. 

Refresh the lettuce leaves in cold ice water to bring them back to crispness.

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Try lettuce that is still on the core. The core feeds the lettuce keeping it longer. Mix it yourself. It can last for weeks.
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