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chcolate cake :)

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Hi, I'm thinking of experimenting with a chocolate oil cake recipe and turning it into a spiced chocolate orange cake, does anyone have any advice on what spices to use without making it to overpowering. Also would orange zest give it enough of a orange flavour as I don't want to make it any runnier? Thanks :) 

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Hi Amylew,


according to your post, I am assuming you have a recipe in mind.

Spices to complement orange, ginger and cinnamon come to mind.  Mace would also add some nice twist.

Using the zest is sufficient for your recipe no need to include the juice.  Orange juice has little flavour anyway and in addition to putting your liquid portion out of whack, the acidity will need to be addressed as well.  Dispersing the zest in your sugar is a good technique to make sure it will be distributed evenly in your cake batter.


Good luck!

Luc H.

I eat science everyday, do you?
I eat science everyday, do you?
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