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culinary homonyms

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Thought experiment: I am looking for food terms that describe different dishes or ingredients depending on place or language.

Examples like flan, could be an open faced tart or a baked custard. Pudding, dessert or sauasage. Taco, Remoulade, etc.

Anybody have other examples?
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• entrée (= first course in France)

• fond (= stock in France)

• poêle (= pan or stove in France)

• taco (= some form of burrito in France)

• coriandre (= cilantro in France)


I also found a few that have different meanings in the same country/region... such as quenelles (which is a dish made of poached pâte à choux) for example.. not sure if you are interested in those here?

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French Fries, all those are great, totally missed quenelles! And never heard of the French use of Taco (post colonial?).

Scallop, the fish and the dish of potato, tomato, etc just popped into my head as well.

I guess a Canadian example would be poutine, the famous one as well as the more traditional grated and pressed potato dumpling from the Acadiens.
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The French tacos are a newer thing... past 10 years or so... here's an example of a menu. The tacos look open on the menu so you can see the fillings (including french fries) but they are served closed like a burrito that was then pressed/grilled like a panini. For a laugh, check out the TexMex menu at the bottom. Click the pic to see it in big: 


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I kinda want a Master Taco now....with boursin! That's awesome
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Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
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Capsicum/ bell pepper/ sweet pepper

Dauphinoise/ gratin

Arroser/ baste
Depouillage/ skim
Beurre manie/ roux
This is fun!😃
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