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Starters to Japanese Knives

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I'm certain this has been asked before me, but I'm having difficulty finding something suitable and applicable to me (because I'm a special snowflake). I've been browsing the forums for awhile now, and like many here I have an admiration for knives, and I'm looking for some guidance for an introduction to Japanese knifes. I have the necessary materials required to maintain a blades edge, and I've been practicing with my cheap Chicago Cutlery on my whetstones, and I believe it's time to upgrade to a Intermediate Chef's Knife.



With all that being said, I'd like some possible recommendations if possible. I would prefer a knife in the $70-$120 price range, and this is really where my restrictions end. I've looked through many knives on CKTG, and I'm just not sure what I need to look for in the knife, and was hoping someone could guide my search and help one become less ignorant on the subject of- HRC, Steels and Styles of knives. Or at the very least, give a recommendation for a Japanese knife.


Any help is appreciated! Thank You.

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Like any interesting topic, the more you learn the more complicated ( and expensive)it gets.

Recommendation based on my own purchase: Tojiro DP Gyotou. I ended up with 8.2". I like it. Paid 72$ shipped from

There is a ton of info on these forums, keep reading smile.gif

Tojiro DP is a Cobalt alloy. Cobalt reminded me of Kobalt, a name from geekdom, and it turns out that yes, this steel is named after a Goblin.
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Here's some food for thought:

Fujiwara FKH, $83, stainless, yo handle:
I have one of these in a 150mm petty. Nice enough for the money, and much nicer than the usual German knives, but not quite as nice as the ones below, as you'd expect given the price.


Carbonext, $128 in 240mm, $100 in 210mm, semi-stainless steel, yo handle:
No personal experience, but I hear good things about this knife. May or may not come particularly sharp out of the box.


Tanaka, $138 in 240mm, $128 in 210mm, carbon, wa handle:
Currently out of stock, don't know how long the wait is. I have one of these in a 150mm petty and really like it. Super-nice steel, but a bit reactive.


Tanaka, $110 in 210mm, stainless, wa handle:
Stainless version of the above. In stock.


Gesshin Uraku carbon, $135 in 240mm, wa handle:
Another nice wa-handle option, from a very knowledgeable and respected vendor.

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The FKH series by Fujiwara are carbons, the FKM are stainless. The FKH are great, have a somewhat coarse grain you may like or not. I take them to 8k, though. Build a patina as soon as you get them. Will avoid you smelling and discolouring issues. Highly recommended.
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I had 'em switched- thanks for the correction!

I'll bet the FKH takes a nice edge.

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