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Help with vegetable soup recipe timeline

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Im making a vegetable soup recipe and wanted to know when the ideal time to add each vegetable was. I have: Red pepper, baby carrots, yellow onions, celery, zucchini, yellow squash, and canned crushed tomatoes and canned stewed tomatoes, and a box of quaker quick barley.

Can someone tell me when to add which ingredients? Any additional input is appreciated. 

Also- would it be possible to add cucumber or unpickled pickles, or would that change/overtake the flavor too much?
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1. Sweat/ Caramelize Onion
2. Add and sweat/ cAramelize Celery and Carrot.
( add garlic now if using) Sweat it a bit.
3. Add Tomatoes, water and or Stock. Bring to simmer. Add herbs if using.( sachet or w.e)
4. Add yellow squash ( butternut?) cook for 30 min until fork tender.
5. Quick barley I dont know-how long it takes. Pot barley I usually use takes 45min+ sonadd with the squash I suppose or before.
6. Sweet peppers and Zuchini last I like to leave them with some texture.
7. Check seasoning, salt and pepper.
You might need some sugar or cinegar depending on how the tomatoes are.
8. Finish with fresh herbs ( basil) and garnish. A piecs of crusty bread and some sharp parmesan on top.

Eat it up yum.
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Oh the cucumber question. A but different but why not if you like it. Chop some up fine dice throw it on top.
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Thanks it turned out well. now I want to modify the recipe to have brussel sprouts, broccoli, and bay leaves. when should I add these? 

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Im glad it turned out!

Add bay leaf with herbs #3
Add brussel sprout and broccoli# 4 or a bit after the squash may take a bit less time for broccoli than butternut. If you steam them first to your liking you can add them in the end already done.
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Should I add the tomatoes right after putting the carrots, onions, etc into the stock?


And how long should the bay leaf cook for? 30 minutes?

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Onions ARE #1.
Carrots in step #2.
Tomatoes were in step #3." With stock. Maybe stock should have its own step?
Call it 3.5 Add stock.
I hope that clarifies it for you.
Take the bay leaves out before you eat it.

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When would I add canned or fresh green beans, and canned, fresh,  or dry lima beans? I'm not sure what I'm picking up yet.

Also, if i don't use baby carrots, do I have to skin them? 

When should spices go in?

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When making vegetable soup, I often add vegetable ingredients in the order of their hardness. For example, when I am making a pure vegetable soup, I add the vegetables at the beginning of boiling. For meat soups, I usuall add the vegetables at least half an hour after beginning to boil the meats.

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