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Robert Parody | Club Manager

Trilogy at Ocala Preserve

BlueStar Resort & Golf

3200 NorthWest 55TH Avenue, Ocala, Fl. 34482

Cell: 843-384-4632 |

Professionally managed by BlueStar Resort & Golf




A sous chef is the culinary chef located just below the executive or head chef in a kitchen’s chain of command; therefore, a sous chef has a vital role in any commercial kitchen. As second-in-command, a sous chef has a large amount of responsibility in the kitchen; as such, a person in this particular chef role can easily position themselves to becoming the executive of a kitchen or even the head of an entire establishment in time.

Job Description:

The culinary chef position of sous chef comes with a great deal of responsibility. Reporting directly to the executive chef, the successful sous chef will quickly amass an in-depth familiarity with the kitchen’s operations so that they you have the opportunity to be executive chef when operation expands and assist in growing the operation.

A sous chef must possess the ability to quickly and authoritatively delegate job tasks to a large staff. They must also be able to draw upon their considerable experience as a culinary chef who has worked in many different roles and settings in order to effectively coach and mentor junior chefs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Essentially, the sous chef is responsible for planning and directing food preparation in a kitchen. This will involve a large degree of supervising other kitchen staff, as well as keeping an eye out for problems that arise in the kitchen and seizing control of a situation at a moment’s notice. The sous chef may also need to effectively discipline underperforming staff members, as well as provide incentives for staff members to go above and beyond the expectations of their particular chef roles.

Outside of the kitchen, the sous chef may be responsible for staff scheduling and, depending on the establishment, may even have a hand in apprenticeship development schemes as well. A large portion of a sous chef’s duties, however, are administrative, sometimes taking up to a quarter of his or her work hours.

Hiring Company Description:


One-Stop Shop

In today's economic environment, it's imperative that development leaders focus their energy on the truly important aspects of delivering a community; it would be difficult to assert that supply chain management of a golf company, restaurant manager, and landscape provider would fall among those priorities.  That is why BlueStar is so important.  With just one partner, all aspects of ongoing community management can be handled, allowing you, the client, not just a single point of contact, but more time, and ultimately, lesser costs.

Targeted Focus

By clearly defining the types of partners we can support, and limiting the number of clients we serve, the BSRG leadership team can provide an unparalleled level of personal attention - whether setting a new vision or steering a steady course; troubleshooting or devising innovative solutions.  Our niche is handling the customer-facing amenities that community developers include in larger projects â we understand development, and most importantly, we understand that what is important are great experiences delivered with great financial results.


The same financial discipline and expertise used to support community developers and golf course owners can be applied to facilities in almost any situation - from municipal facilities looking to run more efficiently to courses in receivership which face a short horizon. 

Marketing Expertise

The golf industry is flat.  New course construction, while slowing, is still adding new supply to the market.  Consumer knowledge and rate transparency are at an all-time high.  Can these challenges be faced simply with conditions, service, and a brand-name designer?  Simply, no.  To compete and grow your business in today’s climate, it takes expertly crafted marketing plans that go well beyond traditional advertising.  Plans of this type are what have positioned every BSRG golf course ahead of its region in results.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our team has years of experience managing a broad range of amenities from the ground up, and has been able to successfully balance costs and value and deliver maximized potential. Our management systems have been rigorously designed to ensure consistent budgeting, accurate reporting and precise, real-time analysis of operations.

Depth and Breadth

At BlueStar Resort & Golf, we have experience in every stage of the club lifecycle. Whether you are in the concept phase, or need an advisor on building, remodeling, expansion, renovation or ongoing management services, our team has experience and an impressive track record.  Each gear forces another to turn, and seamless integration is what keeps the larger engine moving.

Added Value

Economies of scale and long-built supplier relationships allow BlueStar Resort & Golf to deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost than a stand-alone club could provide on its own. Our centralized consulting services enable clients to utilize the ideal number of staff resources and avoid expensive overstaffing.

Vendor Relationships

We have cultivated long-term relationships with a host of national, regional and local vendors, and have negotiated numerous national contracts. Using the combined buying power of food & beverage, golf, club, tennis, fitness and community operations translates into pricing advantages for our clients - and top-quality goods.