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Executive chef salary

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     I'm currently a sous chef in a local 70 seat restaurant. I am being promoted to executive chef in a month (Dec. 15). The owner's have made an offer for my yearly salary. I wanted to know what a "fair" amount would be. I have full benefits(I pay 1/3, about $1500/yr). 2 weeks paid vacation also. Total yearly revenue for the restaurant is about 1.5 million. I can provide more info if needed. 


So, what does everyone think?

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Show your resume, location and their offer I'll tell you if I think its fair.

Fair would be paying backpay if you are acting Chef atm.
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I've been cooking for about 15 years. A couple of breaks in there, b/c I was bartending in my early years. Mostly local establishments, but worked 4 years at a hotel in Philadelphia area as a line cook, supervisor & sous chef. Back home in Pittsburgh now and have been sous chef at my present workplace for 2 years. They offered 54,000. I was hoping they offered a little more, but it's not horrible. 

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Forget it. Don't take it. Tell those cheep fascists to shove it.

Can you please give ME the phone # and address of this place please?!?
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54 would be fair around here(seattle).
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