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deck oven temperature

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I have a recipe for the best macaroons on the planet.  I am a home cook and do not have a deck oven.   The recipe calls for 6 min in bottom deck oven  then move to top oven and bake 6 min etc.....   How can I recreate the temperature in my Thermador gas oven?  I have tried and they taste great, but the consistency is not chewy and soft with the slightly undercooked bottom and crisp top.   Any suggestions would be very helpful

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Share the recipe I'll try. My wife always talking bout Macarons Id like to try them.

Or are you meaning Macaroon like Coconut Frog. Im not too keen on them although they are much more common in my area.

What does it matter if a deck oven at a bakery or home oven? Maybe it does I don't think so. All ovens are going to vary a bit in temp. You'll have to experiment for the perfect cookie. Perfect cookie is very subjective.

Turn the convection feature off, thats the main difference. Start the macaron on bottom rack just like your recipe says, closer to the heat source.

Good luck, and lets see the recipe that will the help the real bakers to answer you.
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