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So looking for a very easy to use and setup pos but one that will be powerful enough to help me run the business.


ShopKeeper vs Square Up?


Or other suggestions

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Don't personally use either one. 

But every one i know with a small biz uses square. 

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I like square but I have been reading some disturbing reviews about them holding funds?

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I use Square.  I've never had them hold funds.  Monies are typically deposited in less than 48 hours.  For those of us that remember doing POS transactions the old way, this is far better.  There were times I had to wait 30+ days in the past.

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I also like Square and their philosophy, flat rate, no fees. I have worked with processors in other businesses I have owned and they for the most part really are the scum of the earth and very dishonest.


Anyway, my concern is if you are doing say $35k a month, $25K being credit cards, is that going to trigger some kind of hold? 


Are you using any of there apps such as inventory control?

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I can only respond based on my experience.  I've been very impressed.  Have you contacted Square about your concerns?

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Can you share what your avg monthly volume is with square?

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It varies with the time of year.

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Are you using any of the other functions like inventory control etc?

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I don't know much about these guys other than they occupy 2 floors of the large building I have my office in, and they are very nice to their young and enthusiastic workforce of software management/marketing  professionals, and they get good business reviews.




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I'm not sure how updated this forum is, but I'm looking into purchases/leasing a POS system for several different businesses.  Back in the day I used Micros and was always happy with it, however I know technology is changing and there are other options.


Anyone up to date on this?

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