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Hello, I am a recent culinary school grad (from the savory side) that needs a bit of advice.

I just finished my stage at a one michelin star restaurant. I had a great chef who moved me around when he felt I learned most of what I needed to. I eventually landed in pastry and stayed there until the end of my stage. I had a great pastry chef that really took me under his wing.

I'm now trailing all around New York City. I have a offers from two restaurants, the first has a michelin star and the second has two. The first one is savory and the second is a pastry position. I love both (I just love being in the kitchen). The savory position is for garde manager and the pastry position is to be a pastry cook that will also be trained in bread (which is one of my biggest passions). I need to make a decision soon and I just had a few questions:

How hard is it to transition from pastry to savory. If I climb up the pastry ladder and become a sous will I have to start over as garde manager if I want to go savory? And vice versa?

Because I'm classically trained in savory I feel a bit under qualified, are there any books that you guys would recommend? Or anything that I absolutely need to know?

Any other opinions or comments that are helpful is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance