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Lamb and mint pesto app ideas?

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I'm trolling shamelessly for app ideas involving lamb and mint current idea is grilled lamb tenderloin, pomegranate glaze, red onion marmalade, house made greek yogurt  and mint pesto...grilled pita wedges obvi..but I've also been thinking about adding roasted golden beets and throwing some pistachios in my pesto...I'm getting a little out of hand. So if any one has a fav lamb and mint recipe they are willing to share, hit me up!

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I'm having a hard time visualizing that much plated as an app. Are we talking a flayed small portion of tenderloin around a couple of ramekins with wedges arranged in them a quinnel of marm. AND some golden beets done around it? That's coming off big even for an entree, or sampler but I'm sure im just not understanding. I'd say maybe tone it down though. Perhaps pre-built on the plate: pita, yogurt, mint, pistachio shmear, pomegranate glazed lamb slice (grilled rare) with the onion marmalade on top and maybe a micro salad on top of that or some arugula or frisée. Maybe the beets are too much in there but who am I to say.
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another thought, maybe the pomegranate glaze + onion jam is a little redundant? Perhaps just go with the jam for sweetness/ acidity? I think that's how I might do it. Some kind of good rub on the loin.
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here's a couple that I have done


Grilled Lamb Tenderloin New Zealand lamb brushed with a pomegranate, red wine, honey, and coriander marinade then grilled, sliced and sprinkled with a fuyu persimmon, pomegranate aril, and cracked black pepper relish and served a mint pesto


Rack of Lamb New Zealand lamb rack seasoned with a Malaysian sweet spice rub of coriander, star anise, black pepper, sambal oelek, ginger, and lemongrass then pan seared and finished in a hot oven; cut into double chops, topped with tamarind pineapple and served with a mint lemongrass sauce

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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That rack sounds mother loving delicious!!!! I would order the heck out of that
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I'm gonna leave the beets out for sure...we're talking small portions just several elements...pesto and yogurt in a divided dipping bowl,  warm pita wedges on the side...I like the idea of arugula salad tho...the pomegranate glaze is just because I'm in the south side of chicago and everything has to have some kind of's frustrating as hell...

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pomegrante and red wine with lamb... both non starters for me! doesn't that overpower the lamb?
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I had a mint and lemon pesto on lamb chops on my menu before. It works well as a sauce flavoring base. I went with a simple demi, which was lightly infused with the stems from the mint that made the pesto. So it wasn't an overpowering sauce, and the pesto kind of melted into it and the diner could swirl it all together.


For an app I'd keep it really simple and small.


Either herb crusted rack of lamb cut into individual "lollipops" or a small piece of loin sliced.


I'd slow roast a few fingerling potatoes (like 3 total for an app plate) split in half with julienned shallot (covered with oil, s&p at 250 until just tender, then when done hit with whole butter and let absorb). 2 or 3 lollipops arranged around the potato pile; top one with mint pesto (I do make mine with pistachio and candied lemon); top another with rough chopped olives tossed with oven cured cherry tomato and roasted garlic; drizzle with demi; garnish with baby arugula tossed in lemon oil.


I'm actually not a huge fan of main course starches on an app, but the fingerlings here aren't too overwhelming. Another option would be to do the arugula underneath as a salad and arrange around the plate 3 fried polenta croutons.

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