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Sourdough Starter

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First timer here, so be gentle. Just kidding, let me have it. BAM POW


I started a sourdough starter about 5 days ago using the method found here: I'm in PA so "room temperature" at this time of year probably isn't the ideal 68-72 degrees. I'm in an apartment so there really isn't a "warmest spot" to let my little buddies be fruitful and multiply. The image I've included is what it looks like right now (haven't fed em recently so they're probably at their peak gorge-fest). It smells a tiny bit tangy and there have been accumulations of an alcohol base, but I'm not too sure where I stand now. I know I need a few more days to go anyway, but do any experts have any opinions they could share? Does it look like it's coming along nicely, just slowly? Any help, as always, is greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to ChefTalk.


Looks right and your description as well.

The fact that your house is cooler will just mean the starter will lag a bit and will come around.

Trust'll know if it goes bad with one whiff.

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Thanks for the reply, Chef! I kind of figured as much but thought I'd find some experts to confirm. I guess I'm just a bit too impatient to finally bake my own bread, without all those preservatives and industrial additives. I've gotten really good at cooking according to family, ex-wife, and current wife. At 36, I think it's time to get some mad baking skills.

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your starter looks good, because your flat maybe a little cooler, you may find it helpful that if its looking abit dead one day to add a spoon fun of natural yoghurt as the natural bacteria will help it give a boost 

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A new starter has a mind of its own. Let it be. No one that makes sourdough bread can be in a rush. Let it be.
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