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First Gig

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Hey everyone! 


So, I just got my first cdc job in a small 30 seat restaurant. The chef/owner of my current job (as sous chef) is opening a new place and I'll be running the show. Only going to have a staff of 4-5 people and the food is relatively casual, so I think it's a great first stepping stone. Just looking to pick up any other advice I can for my first shot!

I've only been doing any sort of 'management' for a short time, so I don't know much in terms of costing or ordering or finding new suppliers or whatnot - but I've in the kitchen for quite a while so I can take care of the 'cooking part'. 


Thank you!

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If the chef/owner of your current job picked you it sounds like they have confidence in you already and will mentor you and give any advice you need.
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I hope so! Never hurts to get some extra tips/words of wisdom from some people who have been doing it for a while though :) 

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Guess I'm out of luck.

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Originally Posted by noodles25 View Post

Guess I'm out of luck.

Not necessarily.
I am pretty sure if you come to the forum with specific questions you will get equally specific answers.
It is a rarity to not get help from a CT member if they have the knowledge and 5 extra minutes to spend online .
We've all been there.

just sayin'

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Out of luck cause luck will have nothing to do with it.

And drop your attitude ( if you have one)haha. That won't help either ( this is afvice not an attack). Dont know food costing? Type it in the search box. There is tons if info on it here and elsewhere.

There ate a fee active threads going in right now, and multiple " first chef gig" threads.

Hope that helps.

Try hard is all you can do. Ask questions.
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Yeah general advice would be  Stay Frosty and Keep Your Powder Dry.


No one can help you with your problems cuz you're not HAVING any yet. 

But if you do down the road, ask here and you'll discover plenty of "luck". :-)

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