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Kasumi Titanium knives assistance

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Hello, I have just recently purchased a 7.75In Kasumi Titanium chef knife and a 3in paring knife. I haven't seen to much information on these knives so now im beginning to have doubts.I haven't received the blades yet but they will be shipped soon. Im wondering if i should just cancel the order and get different blades or stick with the Kasumi.


Are these good knives to own?

What are the advantages?

What are the disadvantages?

Will they stand the test of time?

Are they easy or difficult in maintenance?


Any information of these blades would be helpful and well appreciated, Thank You.

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Do a site search and you will find a few comments.  No actual user reviews, what it comes down to:


The radical upsweep means it will be difficult to utilize the knife's full length.  It appears to be chosen to meet some particular marketing aesthetic rather than any practical consideration.  Hard to say for sure but it does appear to have some useful flat area toward the heal.


You should probably not worry about the finish as it likely contributes little to food release or anything else.


The steel is unknown but of moderate temper, so should not require special babying.  Nothing is known od its edge retention or how easy it sharpens.


The chef knife is available on amazon for $100.  It is thought that there are other options in that range as good or better.  One such option, the Fujiwara FKM is likely made of the same steel, has a good grind and more conventional shape and is around $70.


Perhaps you can tell us about the grind, does it appear reasonably thin at the edge and tip, or much like the average German knife?




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Sometimes I just don't read for comprehension.  I was trying to be as inoffensive as possible, but since you were  expressing doubts, and since by the time you posted it was likely already too late to cancel the order, I'd say contact the seller and arrange for a return and refund.  These knives are just funny looking, lacking functionality and overpriced by all that I can see.




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