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Combi Oven - Yes or No

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Hi Gang:


Wanted to get any thoughts or input about Combi Ovens. We are considering making this the workhorse of our new kitchen and would love to hear your thoughts?

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  We have used a Combi by Henny Penny in our kitchen for 12+ years, invaluable piece of equipment. In fact, ours is due to be replaced, I was going to poke around this forum to see what everyone is using.

  We use our Combi approximately 8-10 hours of the day, for steaming potatoes, cooking pasta, hard boiling eggs, baking cheesecakes, shortbread, wings, meatballs, roast beef and turkey, sausage, rice - we use it for pretty much everything except char broiling. 

  I have set up several programs to ensure consistency, and to save staff from having to fuss too much, they press the program button, turn the dial to select the program, and push the button again start. It preheats, cooks either moist or dry heat, and buzzes when done. Great for a busy kitchen, or a place where training time is premium.

  They really are remarkable machines, make sure you get something with a self cleaning cycle, you will be thankful.



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I have one from Hobart. It's approaching the 1 yr mark.

It drastically improve our kitchen operations.

Main uses are poaching fish, steaming pasta, roasting meats.


The model that I have is the Hobart CE6HD-1 Combi Electric 6 Half Direct boilerless.

Personally, I like it and haven't had too much of a problem.



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I have one by Frigidaire.  It has been working very well and very quiet. Also it looks very nice in my kitchen.

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