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Pre-portioning and freezing items

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First off I should say that I am not a professional chef, I am a manager of a pub here in Ireland and an aspiring publican\restaurateur.

I would like to ask the community here about your strategy regarding pre portioning. There are certain items on the menu which sell in limited, relatively predictable quantities.

As an example, say the daily sales for a spaghetti bolognese dish is five portions. I would like for a chef to produce a batch of 150 portions.(roughly covering one month) These could be portioned, using a weighing scales, vacuum sealed, labelled and then frozen.

At the end of each shift, the chef would ensure the service fridge will have seven portions, by defrosting the appropriate quantity for the following days service.

I think this way of doing things has a number of benefits. Batch prep would ensure consistency of the product; portioning would eliminate wastage and reduce spoilage; labour hours would be reduced in morning pre-prep.

The chef i work with here thinks it is a unsuitable system. His opinion is that freezing items reduces the quality and that vacuum sealing is overcomplicated and will slow the line during service.

Do any real kitchens out there do this kind of thing? Is it practical?

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Only things that are frozen in my kitchen are chips, excess buns, raw brats (for beer braising), ice cream, and mango chunks (for mango chutney).

I personally wouldn't freeze things that aren't meant to be stored frozen.

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You will find alot of chefs are resistant to freezing things but I have been taught by some "young up and commers" (facetious because I'm young myself) that vac packing and then freezing largely negates alot of degredation (freeze burn) people associate with frozen food. That being said I'm not sure freezing bolognese wouldn't degrade it appreciably.
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