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International culinary center SoHo nyc good school?

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Hello everyone! As a senior I've been looking at culinary schools, I've toured Johnson and Wales in both Denver and charollete as Well as the culinary institute of America, the institute of culinary education and international culinary center, Kendall college, and the French pastry school. I'm looking to be going to school for baking and pastry with business management, I truly fell in love with icc while I took the tour both times ( went back a second time ) the whole financial aspect of school isn't a issue for me, main issue is I'm not 100% on what the best school is for what I'm looking for. Any advice would help! I'd asWell love to find someone who's been to icc so I can talk to about the school. Thanks!
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Hi -

As a graduate of International Culinary Center (ICC) -  I can only speak to you of this school.  I had also looked into others and like you fell in love with ICC and am so glad I chose it!


I am a graduate of the culinary program (which also covers a decent amount of pastry) - but over the course of a couple years I took many pastry classes including the Pastry Techniques course, along with extra chocolate, cake decorating and dessert plating classes.  All amazing!

I particularly love the way that the program is designed.  You learn core techniques and build upon them as the classes progress.  I felt really prepared to go out and get a job.  The instructors were also amazing - they have years of experience and were always so clear and supportive.

As for the business aspect - I know that the full Pastry certificate program does cover some of this too, just as we did in the culinary.


Regarding NYC vs any other location - hands down NYC has the best of everything.  Particularly in pastry!  One thing that's awesome is that the school has excellent relationships with the best of the best chefs in NYC and connections.  While I was doing the pastry I did an internship at Jaques Torres Chocolates.  Even as a culinary student, I did another internship in the pastry department at Le Bernardin - both unbelievable experiences.  They have tons of visiting chef demos, many of which I assisted with.  So again - many contacts and experiences.  If I had to do it over again - I would definitely choose ICC.


I hope this is helpful to you.

Good luck! 

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Hi there!


My name is Leslie Savary French, I am the owner/operator of Sweet & Savary French Pastry in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and I graduated from the Classic Pastry Arts Program as well as the Culinary Entrepreneurship business program at the ICC last February.


I was in the same boat as you a year and a half ago - there are so many great culinary schools out there, and making the right decision is so important.  I, too, wanted to go to a school where I could not only get the best culinary education, but also learn about business. 


It is my opinion that there is no better place to learn what you need to know to get started in this industry than the ICC!!  I ended up choosing the ICC for the following reasons:


-The chef instructors - You should see this list of resumes! - So much talent, experience, genius, innovation - and they are all there for you!  The Chefs are all extremely approachable, open, and determined to see you succeed. 


-The curriculum.  You'll be amazed how fast and how much you will learn.  The program is designed in a way that is so organized, and so efficient, you'll spend every second of the time you're in the classroom doing something important and relevant to your education. 


- It's not just about what you learn in class, but about the network you'll create through being associated with this school.  The people you can be connected with through your time at ICC is really quite extraordinary.  For example, I was assisting our Dean of Pastry at an event being held at Rockefeller Center, and was introduced to the Editor-in-Chief of Dessert Professional Magazine.  We stayed in touch, and after I graduated, he connected me with a renowned pastry chef who hired me for an internship! 


-The opportunities to take part in events being held in New York.  The career placement dept. at ICC is extremely well connected and will help you in any way they can.  They're always looking for volunteers, and food-related events coordinators contact the school looking for their students.  Plus, you're in New York!!  Everything amazing and food-related happens in this city, and there's a never-ending list of cool happenings you can be a part of.  I volunteered every chance I could - at a food festival through the Village Alliance, at the NYC Wine and Food Festival, at the ICC itself...Those experiences were invaluable to my education and networking.


-The small-feel of the school.  People know your name here.  The Founder and President, Dorothy Cann Hamilton, has her office upstairs and is happy to meet with you to talk about YOU.  You'll be kept in touch with after you graduate.  They'll want to hear about your progress and what you're up to.  This school cares about its grads.


-The business program.  You're learning first-hand from people who've gone through (successfully) what you want to do.  You'll hear examples of everything you can encounter in your restaurant-opening venture and how to handle them, as well as marketing strategies, business planning, and how to market to potential investors. 


I really can't say enough positive things about my experience at the ICC.  I hope you make the right choice for you, but I can't imagine another school being able to exceed more of your expectations than the ICC!   Also, the graduation ceremony at at Carnegie Hall - how else are you going to get on that stage??


If I can answer any more of your questions, I'm happy to chat!  Send me an email any time and we can set up a call.  Also, here is a link to an interview I did with the school about my time there: 

Hope this helps!


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I just wanted to say I was already set on this school without even taking the tour, and am more so now than ever.  I've been doing my research for two years now and everything about their operation seems so valuable and worth the money often considered a waste compared to "a real collge degree".  I myself have over a decade of cooking experience in many operations and the vibe I get from this place is that it would take me to the next level and give me access to where I actually want to be.  I know a grad from CIA and nothing she said was all that great about it.  People rave about ICC.  Thank you to those who posted their experiences and info about this school.  It was helpful for me to get more motivated to actually take a tour.

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Pretty sure those 2 posters are fake, just came here to post about ICC and left.


mckallidon - did you end up enrolling?

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