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I know this industry requires all of us to work absurd hours, with minimal time off, but has anyone been so lucky as to travel to an exotic destination where food is a religion?
Between being back in school, and 40 hours on the line, I don't have time, but here some places I REALLY want to eat.
1.) Vietnam
2.) Mexico(Namely Oaxaca)
3.) Peru

4.) Japan


What are some of ya'lls dream food vacation spots? 

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Some Polynesian islands


Are some of the places I would love going in the future.

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The easiest way to do it would be getting a job in one of the big chains of hotels  and then applying to another property out of the country ,once you are out it becomes way easier to move around.

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Thailand, I have been there and the food is amazing! Spicey too!

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+1 for Thailand and my personal favourite would be Indonesia (haven't been there yet unfortunately, but really like their food)

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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We spent this past summer in Thailand and traveled around Southeast Asia. The food in Thailand was amongst the most amazing we had. The freshness and quality of the ingredients is unmatched. Just blighting into a carrot or a cucumber is a totally different experience than the US.


The people are all the nicest you will encounter anywhere in the world. There was a fisherman next to the condo we were stain in that sold fresh shrimp he caught every morning. Imagine tiger shrimp that are 7 per kilo! OMG, the flavor was amazing.

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