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Help with Wedding Menu

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Hi All


I have an idea for my wedding menu, but no idea if it would work?  As you can get a Trio of deserts I was thinking about a Trio of Mains: Fish 'n' Chips/Sausage 'n' Mash/Curry 'n' Rice.  I want simple crowd pleaser food, and although I like this idea I dont know how you could present it on a plate without it looking like carnage !!


Would value some opinions or ideas.


Am new to this site and this is my first post :o

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That menu sounds good to me---although you are kind of heavy on the starch--chips/mashed/rice--


How will this meal be served? Plated,sit down style or buffet?

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It will be a sit down.  I see what your saying about the starch...any other suggestions along the same line?

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3 choices. Put choice on RSVP invites.

Thats how its usually done.

Now to have a plate with all 3 fish, sausage and curry on one plate worries me because people are picky.

By putting all 3 on one plate as a " trio" I feel you are getting into " new school (( haha whats that mean))" plating philosophy and away from simple, crowd pleasing food people expect at a wedding.

Paella may be what you are looking for, or Jambalaya. ( deconstructed) with a croquette or something. Many possibilities here skys the limit. Remember, its your wedding; you want to make a statement with the food? Go for it! Put all three in a plate lol. Why mot din't listen to the mother(s)!!!!!

Do a trio of apps as well and have a trio of threesomes, call the dinner Menage a " trios".
Someone will get the joke.
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Oh one question, curried what and rice? I just assumed chicken in my head but I don't think its stated.
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