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Dealing with new restaurant manger who is destroying the restaurant.

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Hi Guys,


A few months ago, I was rehired by a company I used to work for, they had just opened up their 3rd restaurant in a resort town.

They brought me on to redesign their menus, basically sort out the food for all the restaurants.

Quality had gone down since i left 2 years go, and I have improved everything since I'v been back.


The new restaurant has been running well, and I have been getting a lot of praise from the owners for what I have done so far. We recently lost our restaurant manager, and have a new guy, who knows absolutely nothing about food, but has been really good with the front of house. But he is now changing a lot of things, and adding real tacky stuff to the restaurant.

The restaurant was designed to be very stylish, steely and clean, here is a list of things he has done so far.


-Added cheap, paper laminated table numbers, they look awful, and are in complete contrast with the place,

-Put a horrible curio stall in the restaurant, selling tacky touristy crap.

-wants bottles of t-sauce and hp on the tables, (we make our own sauces) (if he puts HP on my eggs Benedict I will be furious!) 


They are small things, but its the small things that count, right?


Our restaurants are known to be a bit on the expensive side, food wise, but I do import all our cheeses, and cold meats in form Italy (we can't get good stuff in my country)

So this new manager is reviewing our pricing and costs, and has decided to put up our drinks prices. This town is very expensive, compared to the rest of the country. Our soft drinks, beers, spirits have all gone up, we buy our beers for 97 cents, and were selling them at $3, they have now gone up to $4, we buy our cokes at 50 cents, and they are now up to $3. we buy Mineral water at 24 cents, sell at $2. Compared to the rest of town, we are the only one with prices so high.

We are now the most expensive restaurant in town now, more than the 5 star hotels in the area. Customers were complaining before we put the prices up, our TripAdvisor is full of great reviews on the food, and all have one thing in common, Too Expensive!!

I know we are going to lose sales, and it will also affect my food sales!

Trying to talk to him and explain to him my worries does not work, all I get is "its my decision"

He is not from this country, and maybe trying to match UK pricing, I don't know.


It is coming in to our busy period, and we are going to lose sales. maybe he thinks we will make up for it with high prices? but from what I have always been taught, volume is better.


Maybe I should just let this run its course, and let him see once things go down hill, I am only the chef after all. But do I want to work in a place that is being degraded? It's like I came to the perfect place to work, and suddenly it is now a place I wouldn't want to work at, I feel embarrassed even recommending the place to people.


Any advise would be much appreciated!


Sorry for the long post :)  

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Some people can not see the big picture---there is a lot that goes into making a customer satisfied with a restaurant--

Good value for money spent-

a comfortable atmosphere

interesting and unique foods


and much more---


If you are on good terms with the owners---have a board meeting--and let them know that the new manager is taking the restaurant in the wrong direction---if you have a new manager in mind--have that information handy---

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