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I made a slow cooker mac and cheese. It was perfect. Then it turned to crap. The sauce got gritty and dry. How can I fix?

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I don't know if this can be fixed.  It can be either your cheese sauce broke or the types of cheese you chose.  When I make mac and cheese, I start with a bechamel and then melt in cheeses.  It is key to start with hot cream or milk.

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Not knowing the recipe nor brand of ingredients I will hazard a guess.
You left the crock pot on warm.
The macaroni continued to absorb the sauce which broke the cheddar? cheese.
You were left with mushy pasta and tiny curds of cheese.
Like I said just a guess although an educated one born of experience lol.
Agree with @MillionsKnives cannot be saved.

Sounds like a PB&J kinda nite ;-)

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